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Flatrack deployment System

Flatrack Deployment System -FDS - the newest line in RVM's support offering. FDS was developed to enable our clients to instantly deploy a temporary road; in a matter of minutes, 100 meter of Portable Roadway can be laid out. This gives operators access to remote and soft areas with heavy equipment or when a large number of vehicles have to pass.

Key Features
FDS ( Flatrack Deployment System) is designed to hold at least 100 meter of Heavy Trackway and to rapidly deploy a temporary access road wherever needed. It is designed to be mounted on any truck that is equipped with a Hooklift system. One operator and the truck driver can easily and quickly install the system. FDS is designed to fit in a 20ft container, ready to be shipped and deployed on (humanitarian) missions throughout the world where normal roads have either been destroyed, are in poor condition or not present at all.



BV Cert ISO14001   ISO-9001-AQAP kl