Our Story

R.V.M. B.V. was founded back in 2011 following expansion and development of the vehicle mobility range originating from the core Robusta product range. Under Robusta the products were not receiving the promotion they deserved and needed their own unique platform, so R.V.M. was created to take this product range to the next level. ‘R.V.M.’ stands for ’Robusta Vehicle Mobility’. Because R.V.M. and Robusta are still in close contact we have created a solution that we think gives us the benefits of both worlds. We can rely on the knowledge and experience gained in the past decades as a manufacturer of woven vehicle mobility solutions but now have a specialized platform on which R.V.M. clients can find a solution for their mobility challenges.

R.V.M. B.V. is an innovative and flexible manufacturer of special products for vehicle mobility and other temporary infrastructure-related challenges. In its short history the company has already successfully competed in some major innovation competitions: the Dutch Defense Innovation Competition, The Dutch SME Innovation Top 100 and The NRC-Next & Mercedes Benz Blue EFFICIENCY award