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Heavy Trackway

The RVM Heavy Trackway, Mammoth mat is an portable road. Together with the Fast deployment Tool within a few minutes a road can be laid out, which is 4 meter wide and 25 meter long. In length direction the mat is reinforced by galvanised steel wires and in transverse direction by steel rods. The spring steel rods provide the mat with so called membrane action, enabling it to transfer high wheel loads to the sub-soil without significant rutting or permanent deformation. The mat was especially developed by RVM to allow heavy vehicles to operate in soft terrain without the risk of bogging. The Heavy Trackway, Mammoth mat requires no maintenance, can be used many times without noticeable wear and tear Its flexibility and light weight( 15 kg. / m2 ) makes it easy to roll, drag retrieve and store. The Mammoth mat consists of woven polypropylene fabric with high strength, durability and resistance against chemicals and UV light. Bogging occurs if the Mammoth mat is not used. The Mammoth mat can be used on all types of soft soil, i.e. fine non cohesive sand, clay loam or peat in marshland or in swampy areas.Typical Mammoth mat applications are:

- To make marshy terrains passable for heavy traffic.

- As a building road to an construction site.

- As an emergency road where main road is under repair.

- As a swerving of area or hard standing for heavy equipment.

- To connect a temporary bridge or a ferry with existing roads.

- As a boat landing for landing barges and amphibian vehicles.

- For runways for small airplanes.

- For emergency airfields.

- Platforms for crane operation.





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