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Shelter flooring

RVM’s tent floor line of products keeps your personnel safe and your equipment in top conditions in all type of weather and grounds such as sand, grass, gravel, mud and snow. Rapidly deployed, light-weight and air-transportable, RVM flooring supports expeditionary forces in quickly setting up a base-camp by installing roll-out matting under, inside and between shelters. While increasing safety, efficiency and morale, our portable tent floors products improve traffic access, reduce installation time and damage to the environment.


You can use RVM’s roll-out matting to create temporary pathways, build Forward Operating Bases (FOB), Mobile Command Posts, field hospitals, hangars, kitchens, maintenance and logistical facilities or disaster relief shelters. Our tactical tent floor rolls can be easily and quickly installed covering large areas. Installation and redeployment doesn’t require prior training and excludes spare parts. Supplied as a commercial off the shelf (COTS), each shelter flooring kit includes anchoring devices and installation tools for all types of terrain.

Due to the modular character of the RVM tactical flooring, it is available in sizes that match your shelter dimensions and harsh environment of your mission. RVM’s tactical tent floor is fire retardant, resistant to corrosion, rot, chemicals, petroleum fuels, UV-light and temperatures ranging from -40°C up to +80°C.

Four types of finishing are available in order to meet your needs in terms of weight, ground stabilization, thermal isolation, permeability and budget: Glass fiber, Carbon fiber, Jumbo mat and Hydromat.

BV Cert ISO14001   ISO-9001-AQAP kl