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The RVM Bog Strips may be used to facilitate the passage of wheeled vehicles across ground that would otherwise be impassable to them; they may also be used to assist in he recovery of a bogged vehicle, including in conjunction with a self-recovery winch or towing vehicle in the case of badly bogged vehicles. Bog Strips may be used in a variety of terrain including loose sand and soft mud, and after use are easily cleaned and stored, rolled up for future use.

Bog Strips are manufactured from a woven synthetic fabric composed of deltaflex yarns, which are specially made to reduce the risk of overheating the fabric under spinning wheel conditions. For reinforcement Bog Strips include transversely located flexible glassfibre rods.Two types are presently vailable, the "Classic" version 5,50 x 0,50m and the "Commercial" version 2,75 x 0,50m.

Individual strips are light enough to be handled by one person and using four strips allows 'leap-frogging', enabling a vehicle, for example, to make a climb up through sand dunes or across a wide expanse of soft mud. A simple steel anchor or peg can be used to fix Bog Strips to the ground in particularly slippery surface conditions.

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